Our Coffee

At Mijn Kitchen we proudly use locally grown coffee beans supplied by local small business – Bean There Coffee Malawi. Their philosophy is centred around sustainable relationships with their producers and their customers. Their core focus is on quality and responsibility. Responsibility in everything they do, from ethically sourcing to fair pricing, from endeavouring to source the most environmentally friendly packaging and to fully implementing and promoting a plastic free policy.

The coffee is freshly roasted, ensuring the best coffee experience. They carefully select specialty coffees which are locally produced in a socially and environmentally friendly manner.

Phweche Farm, Luwafwa Village, Nikhata Bay District.

They currently source their coffee from the northern regions of Malawi and pride themselves in offering high levels of quality, freshness and attention to detail. At Mijn Kitchen we appreciate good coffee and enjoy building a partnership which supports our local small businesses as well as offering the best in quality to our customers. Our barista’s serve our freshly brewed Bean There Coffee to our customers on a daily basis in various forms. Bean There Coffee is also available to purchase in our shop. There are three different roast levels: Medium, Espresso and Dark. They are also very particular about grind size and therefore offer the following forms of coffee: freshly roasted beans; freshly ground plunger coffee; freshly ground filter coffee and freshly ground espresso coffee.

At Mijn Kitchen we proudly use Bean There Coffee in our selection of freshly brewed coffees to support local business but also to ensure you experience and enjoy the fresh taste of Malawian coffee at our coffee shop.